Ethics and values


Persistent towards our values, we at the Legend’s Mist Group believe that Excellence is an obligatory act of societal welfare, especially the welfare of our employees as we believe that excellence begins at home. We appreciate prolific talents, the commitments and the loyalty of our people, that’s why, we aim to empower  them with stability and resources by providing excellent training opportunities, designed to develop their skills and to elevate their excellency and efficiency to the highest levels of performance. We encourage and contribute to flourishing a long term dedicated relationship built on trust and positivity with our clients and suppliers in a way that attains a winning combination for everyone who deals with the group.


At the Legend’s Mist Group, we are committed to generate a work environment that promotes integrity, ensures compliance and protect the rights of our employees. We strive to cultivate an environment of trust based on an open and honest communication between the employees and the group to yield a close knitted relationship.  We follow the same principle of integrity while dealing with our clients and suppliers. We are determined to sustain our reputation in the market for our most effective way of dealing, our commitment to our values and our constant endeavor to grow and transform with the changing times.


We at the Legend’s Mist Group endorse justice and equality, whether dealing with our employees, clients, suppliers, or shareholders. Our policies and laws remain the same and it reflects our core values, established on equality, fundamental rights and justice without prejudice against any race, religion or kinship.


We believe that humility is the fundamental element of Legend's Mist success. We ensure that our employees pledge to serve our clients and suppliers in a most humble way without any trace of ego and arrogance. We always pay extreme attention to opinions, feedbacks, and advice, we admit our mistakes and we try to learn from them. At Legend’s Mist Group, our conversation policy is transparent and an authentic two-way communication, whether we are dealing with the top management or any other staff.