House of Bags

Founded in 2015, since then the House of Bags Limited Company has been producing paper bags, boxes and wrapping materials to satisfy the needs of the Saudi market, it has also limited the import.

Our Vision:

We are keen to be the pioneer of every new innovation in the field of a paper bag and box manufacturing. We offer complete solutions to our customers in local and gulf markets with the help of our team's technical experience and expertise. We maintain our place in the market by providing competitive prices and high- quality products that meet the standard of imported and international products.



We have adopted a set of values that enables us to achieve our vision and objectives. Which are:

  1. Quality: We offer the best quality production procedure and the high quality used raw materials.
  2. Customer Service: We work as a success partner with our customers.
  3. Innovation and Development: We continuously strive to develop our services and products.
  4. Responsibility: We offer the best services to our customers and a healthy work environment for our employees.


Our Mission:

Our company works dedicatedly to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Profit Objective: We offer an economical solution suitable for the amount of our client's investment.
  2. Development Objective: We supply Saudi products to the local market and develop our products to export it to the international market as an effort to limit the imports.
  3. Social Objective: We are determined to develop the skills of Saudi youth and render them with new work opportunities to enable them with expertise and experience so that they can compete in the industrial field.
  4. Patriotic Objective: We are eager to play our part in achieving the vision of KSA 2030, which aims to provide assistance to the industrial sectors in an effort to bring new financial resources to the country.


Contact us:

Address: P.O Box 55338 Jeddah 21534 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 12 6922288