Who We Are

 Since the establishment, Dar Sibawayh has developed a massage to change and improve the publishing industry. The purpose of Dar Sibawayh is enriching knowledge and culture by playing distinguished role as an effective intermediary between the writer and the reader. On the other hand, Others follow all modern means to facilitate the access of the work of the author and the reader, and from this perspective, Dar Sibawayh follows the method of thinking in the introduction of innovative services in the field of printing, publishing, and distribution. 

Our Vision:

We aspire to be the leading hardcopy and digital publishing house in the KSA and across the GCC by 2022. 



•    Increase the value of Sibawayh books, printing publishing the hardcopy and digital.
•    Reinforce the culture of reading across the society.
•    Sponsor authors and manage their publications professionally with high efficiency.



•    Intellectual enrichment: Choosing the best content in line with the norms and traditions of our society, we aim to apply the highest standards in selecting cultural, intellectual and creative content from writers across all age groups. 
•    Support: We work as one team and we serve our writers with passion, as well as manage their accounts all the way from book printing, publishing and distribution to help them achieve success and global reach through Sibawayh platforms.
•    Transparency: We apply the highest transparency standards with authors and readers to achieve integrated implementation of desired goals.
•    IP Rights: Intellectual property rights represent one of our core goals to reserve the rights of writers and their publications with the aim of building trust between writers and Sibawayh.


Our Mission:

•    We aim to provide our customers, including readers and authors, with the best services.
•    Fill our bookstore with a variety of literary, historical and social, as well as novels, stories, educational and cultural books.
•    Leverage technology and modern techniques to instill a passion for culture, knowledge pursuit and reading habits.
•    We aim to professionally and efficiently manage the book publications.



•    Immediate Printing for books when buying.
•    E-publishing of books.
•    Book publishing and distribution.
•    Cover design.
•    Distributor requests.


Contact us:

Address: P.O Box55338, Jeddah 21534 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: 920004119

Fax: +966 21 2612824

Email: info@sibawayhbooks.com